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Irina Fernandez

Real Estate Agent at Ancona Real Estate

  • North Bay Village, FL

  • 4 Years Experience

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Irina Fernandez is a dedicated Real Estate Agent at Ancona Real Estate in FL, where she specializes in residential real estate, luxury real estate, and condos. With an MBA degree from the University of Miami, she is a highly knowledgeable professional in the field. Fluent in both English and Russian, and proficient in Spanish, Irina is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Florida Association of Realtors, and Miami-Dade Association of Realtors. Irina attributes her success to having a vision of where she wants to be and going after it. She also believes in doing a little more each day, learning more, and doing more for others.

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  • Miami, FL

  • Miami Beach, FL

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  • Residential

  • Luxury Real Estate

  • Condos

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Ancona Real Estate

1666 Kennedy Causeway

North Bay Village, FL 33141

(786) 281-2876

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