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William Peck

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  • Orlando, FL

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Having worked as an independent IT consultant for over 35 years, I have helped businesses of all sizes, both locally and internationally, achieve their goals with the design, installation and implementation of various database systems. I retired and relocated to Florida's warmer climate. Unwilling to remain idle for long, I embarked on a new career path that I'd always been interested in - I acquired my real estate license, once again enabling me to assist both individuals and commercial entities in attaining their real estate goals. Being involved in people's lives through such significant transactions is both a pleasure and a rewarding experience! The fulfillment only increases as I now have the privilege of being part of a globally respected firm like Coldwell Banker Realty. Their extensive resources allow me to serve my clients even more effectively, creating a true win-win scenario!

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  • Orlando, FL

  • The Villages, FL

  • Lady Lake, FL

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A fresh literary piece, "Selling Secrets- You Can't Afford to Miss", is slated for release by the end of this month. The book is specifically crafted for individuals contemplating selling their homes, offering insights and increasing their understanding to set realistic expectations. Furthermore, the author is working on a book for buyers as well.

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When asked about the secret to his success, he credits it primarily to comprehensive customer service. He guides his clients from the beginning to the very end, even accompanying them at the closing. He strives to lead them toward their desired goals, and he never overloads himself with more clients than he can effectively manage. In this industry, he emphasizes, trust is an essential element. awards: top producing realtors lake and sumtor county 2022 with coldwell banker


Coldwell Banker Realty

7626 Sand Lake Rd

Orlando, FL 32819

(352) 459-2641

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