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Mirtha Guzman

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Mirtha Guzman, a real estate agent affiliated with Amerifirst Realty in Miami, FL, is renowned for her unwavering commitment to integrity, dedication, and effective communication with her clients. With over two decades of experience in various aspects of the real estate industry, Mirtha's journey began in the mortgage sector as a loan processor Following the market crash, she transitioned to managing foreclosures, but in 2016, she decided to fully pursue a career in real estate. While Mirtha possesses extensive knowledge in residential real estate for both buyers and sellers in South Florida, her true passion lies in assisting first-time home buyers. The gratification of witnessing the joy on a family's face as they receive the keys to their first home is unparalleled for Mirtha. Building enduring connections with her clients is of utmost importance to her, as she strives to create relationships that last a lifetime. In her pursuit of excellence, Mirtha is actively working towards obtaining her broker's license in the near future. Additionally, she aims to establish a team and become more involved in committees and associations within her community. Her dedication and exceptional performance were recognized when she was honored as a Top 5 Producer in 2022. As a testament to her commitment to her clients, Mirtha's guiding principle is to always prioritize their needs above her own. She considers it a privilege to assist individuals in realizing their real estate aspirations and ensures that their requirements are carefully heard and understood. By conducting a thorough evaluation of each client's unique circumstances, Mirtha develops personalized marketing strategies to help them find their dream home or secure a suitable buyer for their property. Mirtha takes pride in serving as a trusted source of reliable information, empowering her clients to make confident and informed real estate decisions. Leveraging her extensive network of professionals in the real estate industry, including lenders, contractors, plumbers, and lawyers, she is able to provide comprehensive support at every step of the process. Recognizing that a good realtor remains involved even after the transaction is complete, Mirtha diligently follows up with her clients to ensure their ongoing satisfaction with their investment. Witnessing the sheer joy and fulfillment on a client's face is what drives Mirtha's passion for delivering exceptional service. She is dedicated to forging lasting relationships that extend beyond the sale, as she firmly believes in being a reliable partner throughout her clients' real estate journeys. When choosing Mirtha as your representative, you can rest assured that she will be by your side from the beginning to the end of your transaction, and beyond. For more information about Mirtha and her services, please visit her website at

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Integrity, Commitment, and Communication with clients, and help provide education through the process setting them at ease in understanding the step-by-step details.


Amerifirst Realty

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