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Querube Kelso

Realtor at Gary Hennes Realtors

  • Miami Beach, FL

  • 16 Years Experience

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As an accomplished Real Estate professional, I hold a deep respect for the desire and pride of ownership, and the significance that a home holds for one's well-being. It is with this understanding that I have dedicated myself to finding the perfect house or condominium that my clients' hearts desire. My unwavering commitment to providing the best possible service with utmost loyalty is what drives me. My passion for servicing people, attention to detail, and discerning interest in high-end, luxury properties led me to pursue a career in real estate. With sixteen years of experience in the industry, I have assisted countless individuals in finding their dream homes and condominiums in Miami, Florida. To provide you with a better understanding of my background, I hold a formal education in Hospitality Management and have previously served as Marketing Director for a Westin Hotel and General Manager for a Grace Hotel in the Republic of Panama. Additionally, I have served as Director of Sales & Marketing for ten hotels in Mexico while based in Argentina and as Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing for various hotels of a reputable private hotel management company, TCC, based in Coconut Grove, Florida. I look forward to be #atyourservice very soon.

  • Focus Areas

  • Miami, FL

  • Miami Beach, FL

  • Brickell

  • Coconut Grove

  • Coral Gables, FL

  • Doral

  • North Miami

  • Kendall,Fl

  • Broward County

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  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Property Management

  • Luxury Real Estate

  • New Construction

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  • Hobbies, sports, or special interests you enjoy?

Yoga, meditation, reading, swimming

  • What do you enjoy most about doing real estate and the communities you serve?

Connecting with people, joy of extending my service to make their real estate dreams come through and see their happy faces.

  • What do you attribute to your success?

Always true to myself Strong values and principals Ethics are just as important to me as laws A good heart takes you a long way


Gary Hennes Realtors

1335 Lincoln Rd

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 384-5171


English, Portuguese, Spanish

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