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Brenda Burdier

Realtor at MVP Realty Associates, LLC

  • Naples, FL

  • 54 Years Experience

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Brenda Burdier is a realtor who is currently affiliated with MVP Realty Associates, LLC in Naples, FL. She holds the esteemed title of Licensed Title Agent by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Additionally, Brenda is well-versed in Real Estate Law Firm practices, having honed her expertise at Saad Legal. She is also an active member of the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® and the National Association of Realtors. With an active real estate license in the state of FL, she has become a trusted advisor to her clients, ensuring their needs are met and their goals are achieved. Drawing on her impressive 7+ years of experience in property management and customer service, Brenda has excelled in overseeing operations at a senior management level. Her role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including reviewing loans and managing the closing process from origination to completion. She possesses a keen ability to analyze and interpret income and asset documents, credit reports, and various loan structures. Moreover, her attention to detail, organizational prowess, and exceptional time management skills have contributed to her success in the field. Brenda's strengths lie in her exceptional leadership abilities, her personable nature, and her talent for building trust with her clients. In terms of her educational background, Brenda earned a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Columbia College in 2023. Brenda attributes her success to her unwavering dedication to her clients. She believes in actively listening to their needs and goals, providing prompt and regular updates, and leveraging the moral values instilled in her by her parents and other professionals. Her relentless drive and determination to go above and beyond ensure that she consistently reaches her clients' goals.

  • Focus Areas

  • Naples, FL

  • Cape Coral, FL

  • Fort Myers, FL

  • Lehigh Acres, FL

  • Marco Island, FL

  • Estero, FL

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  • Hobbies, sports, or special interests you enjoy?

The best hobbies for me are learning new skills or improving your knowledge.

  • What do you enjoy most about doing real estate and the communities you serve?

I love the unanimous feel of a family of realtors helping and working together towards a common goal. Most realtors I've worked with are amazing people and provide excellent service.

  • What do you attribute to your success?

She attributes her success to listening to client's needs and goals, prompt and regular updates, leveraging moral values that parent/professionals have installed, and continuing to push ahead until the goal is reached.


MVP Realty Associates, LLC

1495 Pine Ridge Road, Suite #1

Naples, FL 34109

(239) 963-4499

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