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Sharon Sullivan

Realtor at Realty One Group Plus

  • Miami, FL

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Sharon Sullivan is a realtor who is currently working at Realty One Group Plus in Miami, FL. Additionally, she is affiliated with Coldwell Banker Schmitt Key Largo in Key Largo, FL. Sharon specializes in various areas of the real estate industry, including new home sales, residential real estate, direct sales, and property management. Sharon provides valuable assistance to both buyers and sellers throughout the entire transaction process, ensuring that their best interests are always represented, from negotiations to the execution of contracts. She holds an active real estate license in the state of Florida. Originally starting her career in Philadelphia, Sharon made the decision to relocate to Florida. Prior to embarking on her real estate journey, she worked as an art teacher at Florida International Elementary. Sharon attributes her achievements to her dedication to educating her clients, always prioritizing their best interests, empowering those around her, maintaining open and trustworthy communication, and persistently pursuing her goals. Additionally, she has a remarkable sense of humor, which adds to her overall charm and personality. She describes herself as an "Island girl at heart," as she has always been drawn to the island lifestyle, allowing her to fully embrace and enjoy her life to the fullest. Sharon is an active member of the National Association of Realtors, further demonstrating her commitment to her profession and staying updated with industry trends and regulations. With her vast knowledge and experience in the real estate field, Sharon is well-equipped to provide exceptional service to her clients, ensuring a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

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  • Key Largo, FL

  • Miami, FL

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"An Island girl at heart" - which has allowed her to experience living her best life. She started her career in Philly before moving to Florida.

  • What do you attribute to your success?

She attributes her success to educating her clients while always looking out for their best interests, empowering those around her, open communication based on trust, as well as going after what she wants. She also has an amazing sense of humor.


Realty One Group Plus

10471 N. Kendall Drive, Suite B100

Miami, FL 33176

(305) 742-0520

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